In 2020, employee well-being and productivity still remain important. But our office design trend predictions for this year have changed immensely. In the COVID-19 era, keeping employees safe from health risks is the top priority when it comes to office design. While the latest trend of today’s office design is safety, many also strive to simultaneously boost employee wellbeing and happiness.
Work from Home (WFH) became essential to business continuity during the COVID-19 health crisis in South Africa. Now that many businesses have opened back up, having the flexibility to work from home seems to be a more common practice where possible. Indeed, remote working can boost productivity and recruitment while cutting company costs. But as most businesses realize they need to better adapt to remote working. Office design will change, with more emphasis on open plan work areas that are better spaced, as well as how the business handle meetings where lots of people are expected to share a meeting room. Technology is now more important that it has ever been with managers making use of video conferencing services more than ever.

The need to collaborate effectively within teams and across departments inspires new forms of work spaces in offices. This led to the pre-COVID-19 trend called ‘hot desking,’ which does away with the traditional personal working space, and instead makes employees choose where to sit every day on a first-come-first-served basis. Hot desking disrupts old-fashioned office designs by including different co-working zones. For a company, its more cost effective and safer to apply Covid 19 cleaning processes to shared spaces, as this can be handled after hours.
Today’s office designs are geared towards the experience of employees. Driven by a workforce that wants multi-tasking workstations, less noise and facilities that promote health and wellbeing